A marketing campaign focused on raising broad awareness of how Red River College presents a worthwhile investment for donors. The RRC Works campaign has been the most comprehensive in the school's history, with a research-backed five-year plan and multi-media advertising, including television, radio, digital, print, billboards, and more.
1-minute viDEOs (T.V. and web)

Bill Acheson – Art direction, cinematography, editing and motion design
Jerry Grajewski – Collaborative cinematography
Ryan Berzuk – Props and set design
Janique Lavoie – Hair and makeup
Precursor Productions  – Score and audio mix 
Craig Donnelly and Joanne Kelly – Voice 
McKim Communications Group – Copy 
David Schmeichel – Production coordination 

(Full list of campaign credits below)

30-Second VIDEOS (T.V. and web)

Voice: Craig Donnelly, Featured (in order of appearance):  Renée McGurry, Valerie Marion, Antonius Hackett, Nikita White

Voice: Sky Bridges, Featured (in order of appearance): Bethany Wilson, Aldrin Cuisia, Glorya Thompson, Hy Nguyen, Jessina Cheffins, Sarah Brazauskas, Matt Long, Amanda Bibeau, Jory Strachan, Sarah Martin, Mike Ogilvie, David Sutherland

Voice: Joanne Kelly, Featured (in order of appearance): Austin Thomas, Alex Wittering, Joyce Delaronde, Yollanda Chimbarami, Diljot Singh, Matea Radic, Megan Yetman, Shelby Sinclair, Ahmad Shoja Hakimi, Jacob Okot

15-Second VIDEO (social media/pre-roll)

15-second social media pre-roll

Introductory billboards 
McKim Communications Group – Strategic development, research and copywriting
Christian Robin – Marketing direction
Bill Acheson – Art direction, design and collaborative cinematography
Jerry Grajewski – D.O.P., lighting and collaborative cinematography
Ryan Berzuk – Props, set design and C-cam 
Janique Lavoie – Hair and makeup
Precursor Productions – Musical scores and audio mastering
David Schmeichel – Production coordination and copywriting
Ezra Reimer, Petra Martel, Adam Globa – Creative collaboration and production design

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