30 - Second T.V. spot

Art direction and cinematography: Bill Acheson / Collaborative cinematography: Jerry Grajewski / Props and set design: Ryan Berzuk / Hair and makeup: Janique Lavoie / Score: Precursor Productions / Voice: Sky Bridges / Copy: McKim Communications Group / Production coordination: David Schmeichel

Featured (in order of appearance): Bethany Wilson, Aldrin Cuisia, Glorya Thompson, Hy Nguyen, Jessina Cheffins, Sarah Brazauskas, Matt Long, Amanda Bibeau, Jory Strachan, Sarah Martin, Mike Ogilvie, David Sutherland 

(Full list of campaign credits below)

Introductory billboards 

Interior photography: Jerry Grajewski / Cityscapes: Bill Acheson / Photo retouching: Bill Acheson, Adam Globa

Campaign tagline 
A bold new marketing campaign — focused on raising broad awareness of how Red River College presents a worthwhile investment for donors — has recently been unveiled to Manitoba audiences. The RRC Works campaign will be the most comprehensive in our history, with a research-backed five-year plan and multi-media advertising, including television, radio, digital, print, billboards, and more.
Early focus will be on signature areas of the College that have the easiest to convey visual appeal. Here’s a look at the first batch of outdoor ads:
McKim Communications Group – Strategic development, research and copywriting
Christian Robin – Marketing direction
Bill Acheson – Art direction, design and collaborative cinematography
Jerry Grajewski – D.O.P., lighting and collaborative cinematography
Ryan Berzuk – Props, set design and C-cam 
David Schmeichel – Production coordination and copywriting
Ezra Reimer, Petra Martel, Adam Globa – Creative collaboration and production design

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