In a nutshell, I'm driven by my obsession to create and compose photographic images and typography with a focus on cinematic story telling and film title design.
For the LinkedIn world, I'm an award winning graphic designer with a background in marketing and branding as an Art Director at Spacecadet Design / Velocity Branding (who are now the CHR Group). Currently, I fill the role of Digital Media Designer at Red River College where I produce and direct all aspects of design and new media initiatives for the school in colaboration with the marketing team. In addition to this roll, I'm a part-time photography instructor in the Digital Media Design program.
In 2016, the RRC billboard campaign received the CASE Circle of Excellence Award in the category of Best Advertising Campaign, as well the Manitoba Communicator of the Year Award by the Public Relations Society of MB.
WAG.CA received "Best Web Site" and "People's Choice Award" at the 2010 Signature Awards. My role in the site was art direction and design. 

Studio selfie

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