Exploration of individual typographic forms through various mediums, perspectives and concepts ranging from illustration and traditional animation to photography/video and digital motion. One of my favourite aspects of the project was searching for type forms as they exist in everyday life and working with planes and layers to capture them photographically. Other approaches involved more contrived arrangements using various subjects in conjunction with controlled light and shadow.
See some of my favourites below or view gallery full gallery on Flickr.
B – Street photo
C - Practical effect
H – Street photo
I – Analog shoot and digital composite
K – Street photo
Q – Timelapse video
R – Hand painted typography
T – Street photo 
W – Analog lighting effect
1 – Street video with serif composite (Featured on 36 days of type)
4 – In-camera effect
1 – Street video
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Learn more about the project on 36daysoftype.com

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